About Us

DPS Rockpak, a well-established presence in Ireland since 1990, operates from two modern facilities situated in Dublin and Cork. With our extensive expertise, we cater to the end-of-line needs of both OEMs and small to medium-sized enterprises in Ireland and the U.K., embodying a comprehensive “One Stop Shop” solution.

We proudly present a comprehensive and innovative range of Protective Packaging Solutions, complemented by our On-Site Inventory Management support. This empowers you, our valued customer, to channel your focus on your core business activities while minimizing the time and effort traditionally invested in procurement, inventory control, and labor expenditures.

Our capabilities extend to pre-assembly, kitting, and fulfillment services, streamlining the delivery of products directly to your production lines. Through close partnerships with top suppliers in the corrugated, foam, and thermoformed industries, we bring the essential expertise required for the development of packaging and associated products. This journey spans from initial concept and design evolution to final production stages in a product’s lifecycle.

With a wealth of experience, we specialize in catering to the end-of-line needs of OEMs, small and medium-sized enterprises in both Ireland and the U.K., offering an all-encompassing “One Stop Shop” solution.

Our primary customer base includes those engaged in



Pharmaceutical sectors

Mail Order of Giftware

Logistics & Freight Distribution

At DPS Rockpak, we are dedicated to delivering excellence and tailored solutions to meet the diverse requirements of our valued clients.