The film makes the difference.
AIRplus® from DPS Rockpak offers quality machines that create versatile air-filled film packing materials. AIRplus® films combine reliable protection and multiple uses with cost-saving features for the ideal in-the-box packaging products. Their lightweight properties lower shipping costs, and because you’re creating the inflated packing materials on-demand they require minimal storage space and handling in your facility. Using AIRplus®, your packaging will be consistent and controlled. You’ll appreciate the low labour requirements and ease of production as well as its clean, dust-free characteristics.
Effective. Easy. Low-cost.
AIRplus® is effective. Its strength and durability offer reliable protection for your products.
AIRplus® cuts costs. Saves storage expense plus the light weight keeps your shipping costs down.
AIRplus® is flexible. Pick the machines and the films to meet your requirements. All films can be used on all machines.
AIRplus® is easy. The rolls of film are light and easy to handle. The machines are easy to operate, fast and reliable.
AIRplus® offers environmental benefits. It‘s reusable and the film is recyclable.
AIRplus® is versatile. Machines are compact and portable allowing them to integrate easily into your packaging area.
Which film for which packaging application?
This convenient guide is shown throughout our catalogue to help you choose the right AIRplus® product. The functions highlighted on the side of the box ensure you’re getting the product that will meet your packaging needs.
Absorbs shock.
Protects products.
Fills empty space and keeps products from rattling in the box.
Block and Brace:
Holds heavy items or single objects in place inside the box.
Covers product surfaces to avoid contact damage and provides optimal protection against scuffing and scratching.


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