PE/PU Foams

Fabricated Foam

PE Foam is non-dusting, lint free and non-abrasive.  It provides substantial cushioning against repeated impacts while reducing shipping costs significantly.  Foam planks are extremely simple to fabricate.  It is available in fully extruded or laminated plank options, low to high density options and in thicknesses up to 120mm.  Also available in anti-static options grades.
Engineered foam can be die-cut, heat welded, glued, saw cut, split, water jet cut, routed and drilled to precise specifications.

Die Cut Foam

Anti-Static PU Foam

Standard PU Foam

We supply a variety of PU foam types; whether they are fit for purpose, die cut, fabricated, glued, profiled, composite, etc.  Also available in anti-static options grades.

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