PAPERplus® Shooter
Economical void fill using one ply paper
Speeds up production
Easy set up in special dispensing carton
Neat, clean and recyclable
The Functions: Void Fill.
Makes an efficient void fill and stabilises the product.
Need filler fast? With lightening speed up to 100m/minute, the PAPERplus® Shooter boosts packing production by combining high speed equipment with a unique pulling system that unwinds paper from the inside of the roll. As the paper passes through the machine it
is shaped and formed into a pad which is cut off to the selected length. This system automatically creates multi layer void fill from one ply paper and eliminates slow manual folding and crumpling to save you time and material costs. As with all PAPERplus® packing products, our paper is made from virgin and recycled paper that is durable enough to be reused and is recyclable. The PAPERplus® Shooter offers a neat, clean and eco friendly alternative for void fill.

Speed up your packing process

PAPERplus® Shooter creates a fast and effective void fill product that works whether you’re packing single or multiple items. The paper is automatically crumpled and fed directly into the carton to speed up production.
The right paper type for your application:
Paper Type Width x Length
1-ply 50g. 375mm x 640m
 In a specially designed carton the paper unwinds from the inside of the roll and feeds through the PAPERplus® Shooter, automatically creating filler on demand. A seemingly simple design, the PAPERplus® Shooter is a well constructed, technically advanced machine with features designed to improve your packing production including:
easy speed adjustment to suit various packing situations
ergonomic height adjustment for operator comfort
free rotating head for packing flexibility hands free foot pedal operation
tabletop or floor stand model to adapt to any packing environment
cutting system included anti jam sensor to maintain smooth operation

Floor Model Specifications

Size: 1750 x 600 x 600mm
Weight: 29kg
Power: 230V (standard 13amp socket)
Speed: up to 100m per minute
Tabletop Model Specifications
Size: 1000 x 470x 600mm
Weight: 18kg
Power: 230V (standard 13amp socket)
Speed: up to 100m per minute


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