PAPERplus® Chevron

Economical void fill
Light to medium weight cushioning
Fotrmed on demand
Reusable and recyclable
The Functions:
Block & Brace
Creates a flexible paper and air cushion for lightweight products.
Creates a paper pad to block and brace the product in the box.
Creates a true void fill product by filling the void with air and paper.
PAPERplus® Chevron is the smartest packing filler ever created. Using our patented pleating technique, Chevron combines paper and air to form a very lightweight and flexible 10 centimetre tube that gives you maximum fill with less paper. You’ll use fewer packing materials and your packages will be lighter, saving you money in two critical areas.
Easy handling and versatility
Chevron’s pleated paper tubes are flexible making them easy to handle. They are perforated every 8 centimetres for easy separation allowing you to adjust the packing material length to fit your needs. In addition to economical void fill, Chevron creates an effective cushioning material suitable to protect light and medium weight products of varying sizes.
Paper Specifications
Chevron offers multiple material options including different paper weights of standard brown Kraft paper or white Kraft paper popular for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Both you and your customers will appreciate the reusable and recyclable aspects of Chevron.


The right paper type for your application:
Paper Type Width x Length
1-ply 90g. 200mm x 390m
1-ply 110g. 200mm x 390m
1-ply 80g. white 200mm x 475m
Fast, Efficient and Mobile
The PAPERplus® Chevron system can be integrated into any packaging process. Chevron is efficient, easy to load and operate, and extremely mobile, making it ideal for both high speed and individual packing station environments. Chevron paper tubes can be created on demand, minimizing inventory and storage requirements or produced in batches and fed into a bin.
Multi - Function Keyboard
The easy to use keypad has three programmable modes - manual, automatic and on demand. This capability enables packers to be highly efficient, with minimal downtime by programming production for multiple stations as well as multiple orders, or producing Chevron tubes on demand.
Footprint: 1800 x 900 x 900mm
Weight: 100 kg
Power: 230V (standard 13amp socket)
Speed: 20m per minute

Developed by Tower