Preserving your products’ integrity and performanc

Exposure to moisture or elevated humidity has the potential to harm or compromise pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, leading to a reduction in the shelf life or potency of tablets, capsules, and powders before consumption. Also, many types of medical devices, diagnostic equipment, medical testing kits, and medical electronics must be kept free of moisture to function properly following periods of storage, shipment, or retail display

DESI PAK™, SORB-IT™, and TRI-SORB™ - efficient moisture control

Clariant’s healthcare desiccant packets and bags include Sorb-It™ silica gel, Desi Pak™ bentonite clay, and Tri-Sorb™ molecular sieve desiccants. These offer exceptional moistures adsorption capabilities and are sealed into porous packets or bags, which are constructed using FDA and EU-compliant film material, customizable to customer requirements. By adsorbing moisture, these desiccants prevent moisture-related damage while helping to preserve your products’ efficacy and shelf life.