Safeguard product quality with in-transit monitoring—from source to consumer. Bridge visibility gaps across your supply chain to reduce product loss, improve on-time shipments and reduce quality investigations. Ensure product integrity with solutions designed to meet regulatory compliance requirements and help ensure quality and freshness. Rely on Sensitech for a family of IoT supply chain monitoring devices, including real-time or product-level dataloggers, to suit your needs.

Sensitech precision temperature and humidity monitors are highly reliable, electronic dataloggers that enable you to make immediate accept or reject decisions, and gain greater visibility into every critical step of your cold chain.

In addition to the strict quality control methods used in the design, testing, production and servicing of our dataloggers, a NIST® traceable validation certificate is provided with every TempTale® temperature and humidity monitor.

With the latest GEO IoT technology, you can Identify supply chain weaknesses and variability in cold chain processes and isolate problems before they occur. Reduce costs, uncover root causes and identify how to improve supply chain processes, quality and compliance.

TempTale® Ultra Fit

TempTale® Ultra Fit is an easy-to-use and cost-effective temperature monitoring solution suited for export shipments where the software support is unknown at the receiving end. Simply start the monitor and place on the shipment. The USB/PDF monitor provides a simple, fully independent solution that can be implemented as needed to monitor perishable food during distribution, storage and handling. With the LCD display, receivers can make quick at-the-dock accept/reject decisions and can quickly collaborate with supply chain partners if there are issues.

TempTale® GEO LTE

TempTale® GEO LTE and TempTale® GEO LTE Extended provide the latest advancement in real-time temperature monitoring. An easy to implement solution—days versus weeks. A simple push-button start and placement with the cargo begins tracking. Through the SensiWatch® Platform, products temperature and location can be tracked end-to-end while in transit. Real-time alerts will let operations know if problems occur enabling proactive intervention. Dashboards and reports provide insights into supply chain weak spots, while score cards help drive improvements among supply chain partners.