Prevent Cargo Damage

With 40 years experience we know how to protect your goods in trucks, containers, ships and rail wagons.

Reliable Performance

Strong quality paper from FSC-certified suppliers. Water resistant and airtight. Made in Denmark.

Time & Cost Saving

Quick and safe installation. Clean and cost effective. Fast loading for shipper. Fast unloading for receiver.

Fast & Simple Inflation

Operator friendly inflation using compressed air or portable battery inflator. Unique valve system. Seals automatically after inflation.

Cargo Striker is a new generation of Bates Cargo-Pak paper airbags, equipped with the patented Striker valve based on venturi technology. This allows for very simple and fast inflation of the airbag. Cargo Striker is available in three sizes, comes in handy box quantities and are easy to store.

Benefits and Features

Maximizes Load Security

Filling the void by inflating the airbag, secures the goods during transport all the way from the sender to the receiver. The airbags can withstand up to 90% relative humidity (RH) at 60°.

Reduces Loading and Unloading Time

Placing the airbags is a very fast and time saving way of securing your goods before departure. And when unloading the goods the airbags are simply deflated by puncturing the airbag or by pushing down on the inner valve.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

The paper is manufactured from FSC-certified suppliers. Foil and valve components are 100% recyclable and are in compliance with the European regulations for heavy metals.

Inflation Equipment

Portable battery inflator

Digital inflator

Manual inflator with slinky

Striker valve

Certified Manufacturing Plant

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Produced using sustainable energy

DPS Rockpak
Unit M1, Grants Road,
Greenouge Business Park,
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