Clariant’s Sorb-ITTM silica gel desiccants packets adsorb moisture inside packages and sealed containers that hold pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical products, and devices. By adsorbing moisture, these desiccants prevent moisture-related damage while helping to preserve product efficacy and shelf life. Our small desiccant packets are perfectly sized to protect the contents of individual pharmaceutical bottles and product packages.

Sorb-ITTM silica gel beads desiccants are a synthetic material made of highly porous amorphous silicon oxide. Clariant offers a standard range, packed safely in cartons. For special end use requirements, packets can be filled alternatively with bentonite clay or molecular sieve.

The desiccant packet is part of the final product packaging and enables the end user in a flexible way to protect goods by different packaging methods, especially at small sizes.





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Packets are available in standard sizes from a certain minimum order quantity.

Special types are linked to larger projects and might be customized. These desiccants are sealed into porous packets, which are constructed using FDA- and EU-compliant film material and are customizable to customer requirements.

Product shelf life is 2 years if stored in controlled and dry environmental condition and original packaging, including aluminum barrier bag.


Clariant’s pharmaceutical desiccant packets are manufactured in cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified production processes that fully complies with main EU regulations:

  • (EC) No 450/2009 regulation which includes the “Do Not Eat”
  • (EC) No 1935/2004 for all materials in use, including EC 10/2011
  • Packaging regulation EU 94/62/EC

Clariant’s standard program of Sorb-ItTM silica gel desiccants packets.

Further information

All data mentioned in this leaflet are typical for this product and based on average values. Certain deviations can appear due to the processing of raw materials. In no case, are these values to be regarded as specifications. On request, certificates of analysis according to DIN (German standard regulations) for specified values of single properties can be agreed upon. Detailed information concerning application and handling can be taken from our material safety data sheet of the product.

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